John in Bridgeport

Shaban is the first Republican Congressional Candidate to place his general election headquarters in the City of Bridgeport -

Shaban for Congress Campaign Headquarters
3255 Fairfield Avenue.

by John Shaban

As the republican candidate for US Congress in CT’s fourth district, many people reflexively ask “what is your Bridgeport strategy” … as if Bridgeport is a foreign land in need of a foreign policy. My answer is always the same -- I will meet and speak with folks in Bridgeport with the same attention, concern and frequency as I meet with and speak with folks in Darien, Norwalk and the rest of the district. In fact, I have family living in Bridgeport, and many of the neighborhoods in town resemble the neighborhood I grew up in in Brooklyn, New York.

My message is consistent and straightforward – what’s good for a kid in Darien is good for a kid in Bridgeport, and visa-versa.

More importantly, my campaign in Bridgeport will be a continuance of the work I started in Bridgeport well over a decade ago. I am not just another “election year champion” like too many of our other federal officials.


For instance, in 2005 I created the not-for-profit group called “Giants In The Community” (now “Athletes in the Community”) to work as the charitable arm of the CTGiants, the semi-pro football team I played for and managed. For years my fellow players and I collected food with Pivot Ministries, ran blood drives in local hospitals, and visited Trumbull Gardens, the McGivney Center and other housing/community centers in Bridgeport to speak with kids about the value of hard work. Our message was and still is -- work as hard as life as you do at sports. Our efforts continue to this day.



More recently, I have transferred some of the GITC effort to help a former CTGiants teammate and coach with the creation and success of the SW Connecticut Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are a combined community college football team based mainly out of Housatonic CC.

The Grizzlies pull young men, who have otherwise been unable/unwilling to attend college, back into school. In exchange for a chance to play college level football, the team requires players to take 9 credit hours of classes, attend study halls, and maintain a minimum grade point average. In the last three years alone 35 Grizz players have moved onto four-year schools.

As the GITC president anda  local State Rep, I was proud to a check for nearly $7,000 to the Southwestern Connecticut Grizzlies Football team on February 10 along with Mayor Joe Ganim and State Rep Charlie Stallworth. The funding, which I helped to secure, was provided by the CT Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).   View the presentation ceremony in Bridgeport.

 >>>More information about the Grizzlies and their game schedule 










Dec 2013: State Rep. John Shaban (R-135), President of Giants in The Community, and the Connecticut Grizzlies Football Federation visited the McGivney Community Center to help make the holidays a bit brighter for families in need.



In the last year, I helped form and now serve on the executive board of another non-profit effort, The Needs Clearing House. NCH matches people who need help with charitable organizations that can provide help. Among other efforts in Bridgeport, NCH provides help via its “Pizza for People” program that helps feed those in need.

Needs Clearing House on Facebook - some of their projects and successes

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