Republican Candidate for US Congress -
Connecticut 4th District


Thank you again for your support.  Believe it or not, we still do not have the final election results because Bridgeport and Stamford have still not reported final numbers -- but the state is working on it!  Here's what we know.

Despite President-elect Trump's success nationally, he lost 14 of the 17 towns in the Fourth Congressional District. The headwinds created by these results were too difficult to overcome.  Regardless, we did outpoll Mr. Trump in nearly every town, and in some cases by wide margins.  As of this writing Hersam Acorn News reports that we lost 46 to 54; a mere four-point swing away!  Our results are drastically closer than the 2012 (presidential year) CT4 race, about the same as the 2010 and 2014 off year CT4 races, and way better than the other CT federal races this year.

Moreover, we did it all with meager resources.  This untraditional campaign season hurt everyone's fundraising - allowing us to raise a mere $160K (and we were the top CT congressional campaign fundraiser) against the $1 million target typically needed to run this congressional race.  Compared to the $2 million Jim Himes had in his campaign war chest, it's a credit to our efforts and your support that we did as well as we did!

Once the final numbers are in our results could move a few points in either direction, but we do not expect a change in the ultimate outcome.

It has been a pleasure to be considered to represent this district, and I look forward to my continuing service to the state in whatever form that takes.


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