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October 28, 2016: News Channel 12 - Focus on Connecticut

The federal government has become too involved in state issues, controlling the funding and direction of local issues such as education, land preservation, local road repair and first responder hiring. These dollars should stay in Connecticut and be spent more efficiently in Connecticut, rather than us begging the feds for pennies back on our tax dollar. 

My first Bill will be focused on keeping local resources in Connecticut - read my plan.

Together, we can put Connecticut First.

I reject the current "it's us versus them" approach that has frozen our federal government and has reduced Congress to a carnival act.  During my five years in Hartford, I have performed as a common-sense Republican -- fighting for fiscal sanity, local control and individual rights -- all while respecting the fact that my Democratic colleagues and I do not always agree.  Our representatives are elected to solve problems and to promote freedom through prosperity -- needless bickering does neither.  I have demonstrated an ability to build consensus when needed, and hold the line when necessary, all without surrendering my core beliefs.

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